I was born in 1985 in the village (Douar Boukadya) suburb of the city of Ben Guérir, in a very modest family that relies on agriculture and livestock as a source of life.
I left school at a very early age as my family was unable to provide for my education. After that I worked in the fields as a shepherd to help my family.
Since my childhood I was very attracted to decoration and was enchanted by the shapes and colors of nature as well as the colors of carpets, woven items and pottery.
In 2005, I joined my brother who is the painter SABRI El Maati in his workshop in the city of Biar Jadid to help him in his art work. One day and by coincidence I found a photo of a painting of the great Moroccan painter Ben Ali RBATI and it was a historic moment that changed the course of my life, since I was enormously influenced and attracted by the simplicity and the aesthetic side of these paintings. After that I started a deep research in the field of Islamic miniatures despite my very modest means and thanks to the help and material and moral support of my brother SABRI El Maati and Maitre SARHAN, I was able to navigate in the authentic and extraordinary world of the art of miniature and I felt that with the production of each painting my abilities and self-confidence deepen with an increased persistence for success and perseverance in order to be able to create a style that could distinguish me from the rest of the pioneers of the Moroccan school of the art of miniatures.
I based myself on the rich and diversified Moroccan heritage as a main reference from which I inspired the subjects I treat at two levels: material and moral such as architecture, clothing, Andalusian music and Hassani music.
I have kept my originality well while remaining open to modernity.