The painting of Bouslai, born in 1963 in Chiadma, is distinguished by two quite distinct styles.
In the first style, the artist first paints the support of his canvas of a color nique, generally the yellow, and over yellow, and on top of it a multitude of interlocking and superimposed animals with very bright colors. Then he scratches thereafter, it scrapes, with the help of a piece of wood, the bodies of this fauna, giving them a decoration and and relief. The second style of Bouslai is distinguished by a painting of characters and animals of African inspiration, tightly packed together and jostling for space as if there His school to him it is oral tradition, the religious festivals and the His school is the oral tradition, the religious festivals and the rites of passage that mark out the life from birth to death. His second source of inscription, he found it in the the beautiful Atlantic plain where he lives, dominated by the green of the olive trees, the yellow of the passion flowers and the red of poppies. It is noticeable that the heads of the of the characters are like masks with big holes in the place of the eyes. eyes. In addition, the eyes scattered throughout the canvas have a great importance, as is the case with other artists from Essaouira. The stares certainly do not function for black magic, but rather as amulets: the as amulets: the protective eye!