Born in 1936 in Asilah, Mohammed Melehi entered the School of Fine Arts in Tetouan. He left for Seville, then Madrid in 1955. His artistic career continued in Italy, France and finally in New York in 1962. Upon his return to Morocco, he began teaching painting, sculpture and photography at the Casablanca School of Fine Arts in 1964. In 1965 Melehi collaborated with Abdellatif Laâbi and Mustapha Nissaboury in the creation of the magazine Souffles. In 1971, he founded and directed the artistic and literary review Intégral. In 1974 he co-founded and directed Shoof, a publishing house and film productions.
With Mohamed Benaïssa, he is co-founder and vice-president of the cultural association AL Mohit and of the International Cultural Moussem of Asilah in 1978.
Melehi was director of arts at the Ministry of Culture from 1984 to 1992.
He lives and works in Marrakech and Asilah.