Born in 1955 in Marrakech, Mohamed Balili lives and works in this city.
Fascinated by the scenes of daily life, especially by the crowds, the gatherings that are created on the occasion of souks, moussems, weddings, … he learned alone, by dint of tenacity and talent, to restore the atmosphere by the mastery of gouache and acrylic.
Because Balili is self-taught, his modernist style and his refined geometry are all the more surprising.
Just like the choice of colors, a choice of total freedom.
The warm colors of the beginning have now given way to acidulous or pastel tones.
As if the sun, at its zenith, suffocated the colors, erasing the differences, uniformly enveloping men, animals and landscape.
Astonishing Balili who, since his first exhibition, has presented his work in all the cities of Morocco but also abroad (Germany, United Arab Emirates, France, Spain, …), always with the same success.