Born in 1923 in Marrakech – Lives and works in Rabat
Hassan El Glaoui marked his penchant for drawing and painting from his early childhood. He owes his career to Prime Minister Winston Churchill who recommended to his father, Pasha El Glaoui, not to thwart his son’s vocation. A free electron of the Moroccan pictorial galaxy, Hassan El Glaoui has traced his own path, far from the modernist concerns of his generation. Frankly figurative, the painting of El Glaoui is renowned for its theme on the horse and the fantasia. He has succeeded in sublimating the fusional relationship between the rider and his mount, thus awakening our sensitivity to a way of life and existence that has disappeared or is on the way to doing so. Far from confining himself to horses, Hassan El Glaoui also paints portraits and still lifes.