Fatna Gbouri was born in Tnine Gharbia, a small village in the province of Safi, in 1924. Like all the women of her country, she worked the land and wove carpets. In 1984 she started to paint, encouraged by her son, Ahmed Mjidaoui, himself a painter. Since then, she has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in different cities of the Kingdom and abroad. Adept of popular art and raised in an environment focused on painting, she spontaneously starts to make the brush sing in a naive register. This is how she was able to forge an unconventional style, staging narrative sequences populated by colorful characters. She is among the big-hearted bearers of a singular art that has allowed contemporary Moroccan painting to cross borders. Fatna Gbouri, who has already exhibited in Tangier, Safi, Casablanca, France, Germany, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, provides us with an artistic heritage of great value, which forces respect and admiration.
She passed away on January 27, 2012.