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The Khalid Fine Arts Gallery in Marrakech

Ideally located in the heart of the Dar el Bacha Palace, Khalid Fine Arts opened its doors in October 2019. A gallery of paintings and sculptures, this brand new showcase highlights Moroccan and African artists. This exhibition space is located in an authentic riad from the early 20th century. Khalid El Gharib acquired it, first as a gallery of antiques and crafts.

It is one of the largest galleries in the medina. The most famous artists of the international and Moroccan scene are invited to exhibit there. The young talents have not been forgotten by Khalid, who gives them all his support, always with a view to promoting the art of the past, present and future.

Khalid el Gharib, a purveyor of memory

Passionate and insatiable collector, fervent defender of the preservation of Moroccan art and culture, author and co-author of four essential books on the heritage of Morocco, Khalid El Gharib shares his personal and insatiable search for landmarks of the past. An intimate approach that questions, behind the found object, the human heritage that inhabits it.

The traditional ways of life, the customs of identity, whether Berber, Jewish or Muslim, have nourished Moroccan creations rich in invaluable talent. Fassi by birth, Khalid was naturally interested, from childhood, in the typical ceramics of Fez and the world of craftsmen that still fascinates him. A researcher at heart, he then broadened his exploration to the entire Moroccan heritage that conceals stories and traditions in all regions.

Jalil El Gharib, in his father’s footsteps!

Convinced that art is an innate gift, a subjective aspect that has a stimulating effect on the soul, Jalil El Gharib followed in his father’s footsteps and took over to carry on the passion of his ancestor and pass it on to future generations.

Jalil El Gharib, combines classical style with contemporary artistic style to encourage young people to express themselves from their own perspectives and to support them to expose creativity and originality through their masterpieces.

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Restauration de tableaux

Painting restoration is one of the specialties of our workshops.
Whether on wood or canvas, we develop restoration protocols that respect the work to give it back its original brilliance and the possibility of continuing to cross the years without hindrance.

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The great names of Moroccan painting, from Chaïbia to Melehi, through Belkahia or Binebine, rub shoulders with many Orientalist artists such as Majorelle and Pontoy…
Khalid el Gharib is THE reference when it comes to Moroccan antiques. This lover of ancient objects and craftsmanship takes us into a world where history and stories are one…


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